Celebrations: The colors of time; The embodiment of space.

All of these paintings are the finitude of space enveloped in time, from a life having evolved from the infinity of thought. Here, the logical texture of presentations arouses us to a certain past when memory was not part of human history. Thus, each painting is a call to the here and now of consciousness being disillusioned into space.

What are then shapes colors? They need not tell us anything or for exist for any reason. May be, they are what they are for people to get in touch with their unexplored souls. These paintings are perchance, like windows opening up to different corners in the garden of life, when we human beings celebrate the fact of being alive and endowed with consciousness.

Experience with care and let your perceptions be carried into the paintings themselves – and you shall be the purity of self struggling to be free from yourself. Each line, each shadow is a possibility of being manifested in the material world.

In this stage of expression of the infinite self through the world, one is lost in the multitude of life in order to find the way back to the oneness of all. Painting is the art of being lost in the world of presentation to recover the shape of time. And that is the way of spirit: To lose oneself in order to find oneself. It is the sign of maturity in the phenomenon of man.

The artist who struggles in space in order to fill it with the substance of soul has also overcome the limitations of shapes and colors. It is the totality of emotions pouring down onto the canvas that makes painting possible. In that ecstasy, arts will then be endowed with simple happiness – each given a choice of beauty, becomes choiceless spontaneity from a soul that shall never be fatigued with the truth of colors.

Here, in the following pages, are personal invitations to a journey without beginning or end. It shall be the road to silent confessions which carry no weight of faults or claims to perfection – but rather all this is a simple dialogue in time in a very narrow but infinite space. Let your being conjoins with the beauty of arts. Let the songs of joy and celebrations of life begin.