I have many times gone away in order to come back to experience the feeling of rebirth – even though the back and forth search for meaning of existence has lead me to nowhere. The miracle of life lies in its inscrutability — where no one knows for sure what is coming at every corner of existence. Just like today, I am experiencing the reality that I wouldn’t have thought of even just yesterday. One thing for sure is that I am a human being capable of loving, passionately yearning for meaning embedded deep within every challenging moment of this given strange destiny. I believe that for each apportioned life each of us has to live through, it is all for the ultimate aim of self-consciousness experiencing itself as the other. Thus, every experience is about another through oneself . And ultimately, life is an eternal self-dialogue with one’s own fate. Here again, I am returning to myself to discover myself – to awaken the sense of loss each time I departed in order to feel the wholeness of my being. Every moment in time just keeps illusively moving to the past but at the same instance the rapture of passionate awakening becomes eternity. I am like the dragon-slaying Shiva who must each step in life taste the tear of joy to vanquish suffering. Only through expending myself within the potentiality of art and beauty can I so attenuate life’s virulence that it will in the end turn to laughter. Saigon, January 2006