About Giang Nguyễn artist

Giang is an artist who never stops for a rest. She is dedicated to her art and is always exploring new themes and exploring new materials. After a trip to India, she began incorporating jewels in her work. In other work, she has utilized local paper materials in her work.
During the time we have known her, we have seen her work evolve and change. In fact, this is an artist who is always pushing herself to try something new. Giang has been here in Japan twice and most recently had a residency near Mr Fuji where she transformed an old Japanese home with her large paintings and and an installation of her small works.
One more thing about Giang Nguyen: She is a joy to work with. She connects easily with other people, always willing to help and collaborate. She is able to work independently, is very supportive of other artists and enjoys talking with artists and collectors.
Bob Tobin, Co-Director, Tobin Ohashi Gallery

Thao Dang@Photographer